Same Day Teeth London is situated in the heart of London’s private medical district in Lister house on Wimpole Street (around the corner from Harley Street). The team is made up of some of the highest calibre dental professionals in the area of tooth replacement. Dr Robert Hayes, an implant dentist who has over 15 years experience works alongside implant dentist, Dr Pav Kharia who is particularly skilled in advanced bone grafting techniques. Jamie Wright (Clinical Dental Technician) manufactures every set of teeth by hand to meet the patient’s individual needs. Dr Adarsh Thanki a cosmetic and general dentist ensures that every treatment plan is executed to perfection ensuring the perfect cosmetic end result.

Together the London based Same Day Teeth team help patients who suffer from loose dentures or teeth that are heavily decayed and damaged. The end result is a new set of solid teeth that are anchored in place with dental implants and give patients the confidence to smile, laugh and once again eat the foods that they love.

Robert Hayes, Implant Dentist

Dip Imp Dent RCS , MF GDP, BDS — GDC No. 54914

Robert Hayes is focused on helping patients live better lives through improved dentistry. His approach is patient-focused, which means involving patients in the decisions and discussions that arise as they enhance their appearances and overall oral health. Dr Hayes’s combines his extensive implantology experience with the supportive attitude of the Same Day Teeth London team, ensuring that every patient receives the highest possible quality of care as they undertake treatment.

Adarsh Thanki, Dentist

BDS, MJDF RCS ENG — GDC No. 103093

Dr Thanki is especially interested in Cosmetic Dentistry, having focused his education on this area. This, as well as his general dental experience, allows him to work closely with Robert, Pav, and Jamie in creating aesthetically perfect smiles for every Same Day Teeth patient.

Pavandeep Khaira, Implant Dentist

BDS — GDC No. 81436

Pav is an implant dentist whose expertise is in bone regeneration and high-end aesthetics – this gives him a unique insight into the biological processes of implant dentistry. He is passionate about changing patient’s lives through his work with the Same Day Teeth team, helping people eat their favourite foods and smile with confidence once again.

Jamie Wright, Clinical Dental Technician

Dip Clin Dent Tech RCS — GDC No. 108755

Jamie, a denture expert with over 30 years experience is a highly sought after Clinical Dental Technician who has a rare talent for crafting full arches of teeth that look indistinguishable from real teeth.

Jamie dedicates most of his clinical time to treating patients that opt for Same Day Teeth treatment as this is where he sees the biggest life-transformations. Patients leave the clinic with new-found confidence, the ability to eat the foods they love and being able to smile proudly.