Testimonials Victorias Story

In 2014, after my dentist told me that my teeth were in a really bad state, leaving me with limited options. The suggestion was that I should consider having dentures. I decided that I would look into dental implants. I had suffered for as long as I can remember with poor teeth, resulting in lots of extractions and repair work – which meant I had hardly any teeth left in my lower jaw and many ill-fitting crowns. I did my research on the Internet and came across the Same Day Teeth team, and decided I would go for a consultation.

After meeting everyone, I decided that this was the team I would invest my faith in. They were so friendly, understanding and patient with me. They talked me through the procedures and listened to how I wanted my new teeth to look.

Family and friends thought I was very brave but due to me having such confidence in the team, it helped me through the worst stages, which were actually not bad at all. In a matter of weeks I went from having no confidence in talking or smiling, to being very happy at showing off my new smile!

I found that due to previously having had numerous teeth removed on one side of my mouth, I went from only being able to eat on one side to being able to chew on both sides now. This makes so much difference to what I can eat and how I can eat.

It’s so difficult to imagine how we will feel when we have our teeth removed, it’s actually a very major step. But I can say for me I have no regrets whatsoever, no more toothache and a smile to be proud of. It’s changed the way I feel about myself and my outlook on life. I can now smile with confidence.