Testimonials Ricardos Story

For as long as I can remember, I’ve suffered from dental pain and gum soreness. I’ve never been a big fan of the dentist and I was a very nervous patient. I have a busy working life and I travel a lot. This made committing to lots of dental appointments impossible.

Having researched my options, I found the Same Day Teeth website. I booked a consultation with my local Same Day Teeth team. It was an excellent experience. I felt very relaxed and knew I was in great hands from the moment I met everyone.

Having a Dentist and a technician consult and work together makes the Same Day Teeth treatment possible. I had 3D scans of my jaws, and I was shown images of my dental implants in place prior to the surgery and felt confident that the whole treatment was planned correctly.

I had previously been considering going abroad for the treatment. But after undertaking it I realised what a mistake that would have been. You need complete excellence, experience and a consistent approach to make you feel at ease about such a big decision – and the Same Day Teeth team has that.

My new bridges were attached to my implants all in one day. My friends and family were completely amazed.

I am no longer nervous of the dentist. In fact, I quite enjoy going for my hygiene appointments and I always make a point of saying hello to the team!

I recommended one of my friends too and he undertook the same treatment as me. We are both very happy with the treatment.