Kids can be cruel—a child’s comment spurred Sheila to address decades of dental neglect. We helped Sheila overcome a lifelong fear of dentists to receive a new replacement smile in a day. Hear Sheila’s story >
“The more we went out, the more embarrassed he seemed to be…” Nick’s wife describes his state of mind before receiving a complete Same Day Teeth smile replacement from Changings Faces. “I look forward to going out now!” Says Nick. Hear Nick’s story >
Helayne, "When I'm shopping I can buy crusty bread, I can go out and have steak. I can eat an apple. I haven't got to worry about anything slipping." Hear Helayne’s story >
David, "I'd gone into this place thinking that im gonna be the worse case they ever seen, they gonna take one look at me and say "mate there nothing we can do". But it was the exact opposite of that." Hear David’s story >
Christine, "I wanted to feel more confident. I wanted to be able to go out on weekends and not have to worry about taking dentures out and cleaning them." Hear Christine’s story >
Graham, "Best thing i've ever done... you can't put a price on that. Fantastic, really fantastic." Hear Graham’s story >
Veronica, "I had no pain, no discomfort, at all. As soon as i got home, i couldn't stop looking in the mirror. " Hear Veronica’s story >
Michelle's dentures made it impossible to enjoy eating out with she took control of her life with Same Day Teeth. Hear Michelle’s story >
Robert, a former chef at the Connaught Hotel says "My only regret is that I didn't do this years ago" Hear Robert’s story >
Sixteen professional fights and years of training had knocked the smile off Shaun's face...this is how he got it back. Hear Shaun’s story >
A lifetime of dental neglect had left Linda afraid and ashamed! Thankfully, Same Day Teeth changed everything... Hear Linda’s story >
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