Testimonials Susan's Story

My treatment has changed my life. I was the woman who kept in the background, hiding myself away from people. I was the one who talked to others with one hand across my lower face, I always felt embarrassed eating out so would make excuses and not go. I became introverted and had very little confidence in myself. That has now changed. The team have given me back my confidence. I now talk without the hand in front of my face, I now enjoy going out with my family and friends and better still, I laugh! I laugh out loud with feelings of confidence and surety. I smile a lot, sometimes to myself, just because now I feel I can.

The Same Day Teeth team have taken me out of the dark tunnel that I had put myself in and put sunshine into my everyday life. I can’t thank them enough. From the initial meeting they took their time to explain the modern technology they used and how I would feel at all stages throughout the process and they worked at a pace to suit me. Whilst undergoing the transformation they treated me with nothing short of tender loving care.

I was always afraid of the dentist because of a few horrendous treatments in my earlier days. This was so different. They are not only completely professional, but gentle, kind and most importantly honest, explaining each treatment before the event so there were never any awful surprises, they were extremely patient with me, answering all my questions in a way that I could understand.

I cannot thank them enough, they have changed my life and they have given me sunshine.