We combine teamwork, comprehensive treatment planning and meticulous preparation – enabling us to position arches of non-removable teeth on the same day as implant placement. This means you won't be troubled by loose and uncomfortable dentures. Instead, you can benefit from the closest thing to healthy natural looking teeth right away.

We offer the widest range of proven advanced implant solutions for the recreation of lost arches of teeth. By combining extensive diagnostics, comprehensive treatment planning, teamwork and precision guided surgery we can meet every patient's needs.

Option 1: Fixed arch of teeth – 'the third dentition'

This full arch of teeth is made up of four to six implants placed in either arch. We then attach a titanium framework with an acrylic gum veneer, along with a complete arch of true to life composite teeth. This prosthesis feels and looks like a natural arch of teeth.

Same Day Teeth – immediate loading

'Loading' means the attachment of your chosen prosthesis to your dental implants. For many people, it is entirely possible to attach a provisional, non-removable acrylic bridge on the same day as implant placement. This is especially important for those patients facing the imminent loss of their remaining teeth. The procedure requires extensive planning, more surgery time and close collaboration by the Same Day Teeth team.

Same Day Teeth – delayed load

Although many of our patients have suffered both the emotional and functional issues of total tooth loss for many years, they may not expect or require the immediate attachment of their teeth. Instead they wear their complete dentures as normal during a 90-day healing and integration phase. After this, treatment continues for the recreation of an arch of replacement fixed teeth.

Option 2: Fixed/removable denture

A substitute to implant assisted dentures. By contrast, this prosthesis is firmly secured by four implants (minimum) in either the upper or lower jaws, combined with a precision milled titanium bar. This design has the benefit of enabling you to experience a retentive and stable prosthesis that feels just like fixed teeth.

Option 3: Implant assisted complete denture

A removable complete denture that is assisted by precision attachments located at the head of two or more implants. This solution can be used in either the upper or lower jaw. The tissues of the mouth also provide some support to the complete denture.

Decisive factors for the above solutions include your age, health, expectations and the amount of missing hard and soft tissue, your dexterity and your financial situation.

Preparation is key. Before we get to the surgery stage, we plan your treatment in meticulous detail.

  • We use the latest 3-dimensional scanning technology to create a digital image that guides identification of the ideal implant locations
  • We produce physical models of the human jaws, which later help our Dentists carry out precision, minimally invasive implant placement