The perfect smile in just one day

Same Day Teeth is home to an expert team of dental professionals. Our service is built around patient-focused care and is the culmination of many years of experience, backed by research and the very latest innovations in dental technology.

The teams include Implant Dentists, Restorative Dentists and Clinical Dental Technicians. We work extensively with patients who have lived with discomfort and embarrassment for far too long because of the loss of their teeth. We understand their individual needs and aspirations, so we have developed the Same Day Teeth service to help.

When you meet your local Same Day Teeth team, you can rest assured that you can have confidence in their ability to totally transform your smile. You’ll be in the safest of hands before, during and after your treatment. The end result is a naturally beautiful smile so you never need to hide your smile again.

No more discomfort and embarrassment

Millions of people in the UK needlessly live with uncomfortable dentures, failing crowns and bridges, plus loose teeth that need extracting - all of which affect their quality of life. At Same Day Teeth we can put an end to these years of embarrassment and self-consciousness.

Look great, instantly

The experts at Same Day Teeth offer a revolutionary treatment that involves fitting completely natural looking arches of replacement teeth using dental implants. Amazingly, we can achieve this in just one day, leaving you with an instant result that totally transforms your smile and appearance.

Choose the foods you love

Eat where and what you want... enjoy the food you've been missing... with a bite comparable to natural teeth. No more embarrassing moments and no need to remove dentures for cleaning after meal times. Feel healthier, happier and more self-assured.

A new beginning

Your journey begins with an initial consultation where you will meet our experienced and caring team, and find out more about the life-changing treatments that Same Day Teeth provides.

If you aren't a candidate for our same day dentistry then we can offer you other implant assisted treatments that are worth the wait, ensuring we help you get back the quality of life you deserve.